Friday, March 7, 2014

March 2014 Prayer Letter & Update

Word Newsletter header jpgDear Praying Friends,

It is with a feeling of “fullness” that we write to you this month. As we reflect on the events of the last couple of months, we can see God filling our lives in several areas.

Full Suitcases

Packing for the first deputation trip

In January we dusted off our suitcases and officially began our deputation ministry. Our very first meeting was at Trinity Baptist Church in Keysville, VA. We had a wonderful week at their missions conference! The Lord answered several prayer requests, and even gave us a surprise extra meeting on our way home. He also provided specifically for our travel expenses through these two churches. We even learned a few things about packing for deputation along the way.

Full Schedule

The Lord has blessed us by filling our schedule more quickly than we had anticipated. We will be on the road for most weekends in March and April. We also have several summer meetings and a Fall that is filling up rapidly. We covet your prayers for safety with all the miles that we will travel this year!

Full Hearts

God has done some special things to confirm to our family that we are on the right path. He has abundantly and amazingly provided for our needs this year. Ben is still working during the week and we are traveling on the weekends. However, there have been several weeks when work has been scarce, or when we have traveled during the week and had no income. God has stepped in and met each need – from the large need of paying our rent, to the small need of providing specific baby items and necessities. What an awesome God we serve!

Taking Christ to “Da Bronx”,
The Hamilton Family
Ben & Andrea,
Elaine, Nolan, Liberty, and Nehemiah


  • Full meeting schedule

  • God’s amazing provision for our daily needs

Prayer Requests

  • Safety in travel

  • More meetings to fill the summer and fall months


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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Display Table

Another missionary offered us a great piece of advice when it came to our display table – make everything “kid friendly.”  The kids love to be around the table and handle everything, and it will help if it is not breakable!  We endeavored to follow this advice with our table.  Here is Elaine and Nolan in front of the table at Bible Baptist Church in Leola, PA on Wednesday night.