Friday, June 13, 2014

A Week in Maine

Lewiston Baptist ChurchThe first week of June (including two Sundays) found us in Central Maine for deputation meetings.  We stayed with our good friends the Kelly’s in Lewiston, Maine.  Both Ben & I were blessed to have piano lessons with Mr. Kelly at Ambassador Baptist College.  Now he is Pastor Kelly, and I sure had a hard time remembering to call him Pastor!

The Kelly’s home is also the home of Lewiston Baptist Church.  With the arrival of nice weather comes maintenance season in Maine.  Ben helped scrape, prime, and paint the top part of the house exterior.

Ben working at Lewiston Baptist Church

Ben working at Lewiston Baptist Church

While Daddy was working hard, the kids and I got to “play.”  We went to visit my friend Nicole Risinger in Clinton, Maine and experience dinner at “Big G’s Deli”.  Mrs. Kelly helped me introduce the kids to yard saleing.  They had a blast!  Elaine helped out in the kitchen, and all of the kids were thoroughly spoiled with a huge back yard and beautiful play weather!  In the evenings we enjoyed lots of fellowship time with the Kelly family, dinner on the porch, ice cream at Fielder’s Choice (best we’ve ever had!), and even a few music lessons!

Visit with Nicole RisingerAndrea & Nicole, Nehemiah, Liberty, Nolan, and Elaine

Elaine on the Porch  Porch Twins!
The kids loves sitting in these kid-sized chairs on the porch!

  Homemade Tortillas
Learning how to make homemade tortillas from Brianna!

Twins' First Piano Lesson  Twins' First Piano Lesson
First piano lesson!

We thoroughly enjoyed being at Lewiston Baptist Church.  It was a neat experience for us to be a part of a church that is not too far removed from being a new church plant.  We will be in the new church planting work before too long!  On Sunday night I “lost” Nehemiah.  In my search for him, I peeked into the back of the chapel where the choir was practicing.  There on the front row was Nehemiah's head, barely peeking up between the teen boys as they practiced!

Nehemiah in Choir Practice

Something that has helped our kids with the transition into deputation and being in so many different churches is reminded them of all the new friends they get to make.  Imagine their delight to find a church full of kids!  The little girls were all over the twins, and Elaine loved making so many new friends!

The Kids and the Bowmaster Kids   The Kids and the Bowmaster Kids

The Kids and the Bowmaster Kids

With the Kelly Family in Lewiston ME
Our Family at Lewiston Baptist Church

With the Kelly Family in Lewiston ME
With the Kelly Family
Grant, Elaine, Pastor Kelly, Beth, Nolan, Andrea, Nehemiah, and Ben
Liberty and Brianna