Saturday, February 1, 2014

First Missions Conference!

Trinity Baptist Church, Keysville VA

We enjoyed our very first deputation meeting and missions conference at Trinity Baptist Church in Keysville, VA.  Though many in the church were out with sickness, we enjoyed getting to know several church members.  The fellowship with the other missionaries was also a blessing!  It was nice to hear from those who are nearing the end of their deputation journey.  They had several good pieces of advice to offer us!


Packing for the first deputation trip

Getting the kids packed up in the suitcase for our trip!  We learned a little bit about packing – some things to bring next time, and some things to leave at home.  And it’s always good to remember the toiletry bag (which ended up forgotten).  Hopefully we don’t have to learn that lesson again! 

Trinity Baptist Church, Keysville VA

The kids were thrilled to be at a new church.  There was a lovely gift/fruit basket in our room which was a blessing to all of us, but it especially tickled the kids!  The folks at Trinity were so kind and generous!

Trinity Baptist Church, Keysville VA

Dirty, nasty van!  We loaded up for our trip in 13” of new snow and 5* weather.  Ben had to install a car top bag, which was new to us, and had to be adjusted.  It took a while in the frigid temps, but we made it to the service that night!

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