Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cedars of Lebanon & Cornerstone Baptist

On March 16 we had a deputation meeting at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Oakdale, CT.  We were privileged to stay with Sam & Amy Smith in Lebanon, CT. 

The Smiths have a hobby dairy goat farm called the Cedars of Lebanon.  The kids had a fantastic time being out of the City and in the woods!  There were one week old baby goats that we enjoyedCedars of Lebanon Goat Farm in CTCedars of Lebanon Goat Farm in CTThis friendly little goat was named Peanut!

Cedars of Lebanon Goat Farm in CTNehemiah was brave…Liberty was not!

Cedars of Lebanon Goat Farm in CTI love this picture!

Cedars of Lebanon Goat Farm in CT
I found out that goats usually have twins, and sometimes have triplets.  I felt very thankful to only have twins!

Cedars of Lebanon Goat Farm in CT
New to the Cedars of Lebanon this year is a sugar house, so Ben got to help collect sap for the maple syrup!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit at Cornerstone.  The people were very friendly and encouraging.  I had a great time getting to know several people as we discussed the things of God.  Elaine was welcomed by several new friends (she LOVES making new friends), and even got to practice with the Children’s Choir.  It was a wonderful Sunday in God’s house!

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