Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quabbin Reservoir and Faith Baptist Church

We have enjoyed being at the missions conference at Faith Baptist Church in Palmer, MA.  On Thursday we had a gorgeous day for a missionary outing - a picnic at Quabbin Reservoir.  The reservoir was formed back in the 1930s when four towns were moved out of the valley, two dams built, and the valley flooded. Quabbin Reservoir supplies drinking water for 2.4 million people - mostly the Boston area.

There were a few New England colors yet to be seen!

We hiked up to the tower to get a view of all sides, including Connecticut and New Hampshire.  We also got to walk across one of the dams, which is no longer open to vehicles.  The kids LOVED this!

Though it took some convincing, they finally decided to enjoy each other and hold hands!

We laughed at one sign that explained the Gull Interruption procedures.  The DCR stirs up the gulls each evening to prevent them from landing and brooding on the water all night, thus contaminating the drinking water.  I would love to see that in person!
At the end we visited a fishery and the kids got to feed rainbow trout.  No pictures of that activity - I was too busy trying to keep the twins from taking a swim!
There was another special treat from this conference - getting to meet some "virtual" friends in real life!  I (Andrea) have been friends with Rosa Balzamo on blogs and Pinterest for several years.  The Balzamo's are now on deputation to plant a church in Norwich, CT.  Last October they came to present at our home church, and they stayed in our apartment - while we were out of town!  We were in Alabama getting approved by BWM to begin our own deputation.  We have followed the Balzamo's around several New England churches, and it was so nice to finally meet up in person!

I was in college with two of Rosa's siblings, and I have been blessed by the testimony of her whole family.

Ben and Tom Balzamo

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  1. That was a nice, refreshing adventure to the Quabbin. It was a good conference and it was great to finally meet up! :)