Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Canoe Outing

We have had several meetings in Maine this month.  Last week we had to travel home on Monday so that Ben could finish a job he was doing in Brooklyn.  This week we decided to stay in Maine in between Sundays.  We had some accommodations in a prophets chamber during the week. But as we were leaving on Saturday morning, a college friend (who is a missionary in Siberia) emailed to say that she had seen we were in Maine, and that her parents would be glad to have us stay with them if we needed a place to stay.  The Lord answered an unspoken prayer to take care of our accommodations this week! 
We have had a wonderful time in rural Maine.  The kids are experiencing parts of the "great outdoors" that they never knew existed in New York City!  We enjoyed a canoe ride (another little thing that the Lord worked out - Nolan has been asking to go on a boat!), a couple of picnics, a hike, foraging for wild raspberries, looking at the stars, and "moosing".  We might have to come visit again in order to see a moose, though!
We have been so blessed to stay with the Pease family this week and we are grateful for their hospitality!

Twinsies ready for the boat

Some happy "big kids" enjoying the up front view in the canoe

Nehemiah is NOT a water lover.  He enjoys his bath, but prefers to stay dry otherwise.  He wasn't too thrilled with his life vest or being out on the water.  His attitude improved when he got to hold one end of the oar!

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