Friday, August 29, 2014

It’s a City Thing: Bagels and Pizza

New York City is known for great bagels and the best pizza.  Personally, I think they are even better in Brooklyn, but the whole city shares this reputation.  Why are bagels and pizza so good here?  It’s in the water.

This is how we eat bagels in NYC – smothered in cream cheese or layered with salad, and eat it like a sandwich.  My favorite is a Schmagel Bagel with Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese!



That’s right – the water here makes the best dough, which turns out the best bagels and pizza.  There is a famous pizzeria called Grimaldi’s at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge.  They have been making coal-fired brick oven pizza since 1905.  You stand in a line for hours to eat there – no call ahead, no delivery, no take out.  But it is so worth the wait!  Grimaldi’s also has locations in other parts of the country.  Here’s how they serve the same great pizza outside of NYC:

“It has been said that the secret to true New York-style pizza is the water. Grimaldi’s believes that too, going to great lengths to keep the integrity of the water used in the Brooklyn pizzeria by hiring a chemist to analyze and recreate the mineral content and exact composition of the water to ensure the dough tastes the same in Idaho.”  {source}


So come visit us in Brooklyn, or the Bronx, and we’ll take you for some great New York pizza and amazing bagels.  The best in the world – the secret is in the water!

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