Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Missionary Ladies Brunch

While we were in Colorado with Beth Eden Baptist Church, I got to be a part of the ladies brunch.  I especially enjoyed this because we were on a deputation trip when our home church had the ladies luncheon earlier this year.  My girls got to attend with me, and Mom came along too!  I was asked to give a three minute testimony along with the other missionary ladies.
The church did a great job of decorating.  It was an international brunch, so there were different tables with cuisine from around the world - British, Italian, French, American, Mexican, Asian, etc.  Everything was delicious.  Elaine loved that she got to have ice cream for breakfast!

I didn't take my pictures until later, so most of the food had been consumed!  This is the Mexican table.

Elaine made a friend at Beth Eden, and she was tickled to get to sit with Hannah for part of the bunch.  Apparently they were entertaining, too!

Liberty enjoyed her first ladies brunch! 

One of my mom's friends from BSF attends Beth Eden, so we sat with her.

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